WALK like the CAT

Words are a means to communicate to ourselves and others. Definitions and conceptions are a source of our misunderstanding. Discussion, an exchange of ideas, leads to greater clarity.

Although change may be a constant, stillness and motion are still two side of the same coin. They are not opposite but interconnected and interdependent states. Not fixed postures.

In Taiji walking, we are certainly moving, but the upper body’s stability, upon an ever changing support below, is constantly maintained. Stability is “Stillness in Motion”.

There are three possibilities. All support on the left leg, All support on the right leg, Any percentage between the two legs. Where is the interruption and inconsistency occurring?

This sets the study and practice parameters of Tai Chi Walking. There is much to explore and discover. It is not merely a conceptional idea, but an actualized expression of the body following the mind’s clear intent (Yi). Yi is personal wisdom gained from our knowledge and experiences being fused together through many experiences during the years. A teacher can teach it, but only a student chooses to learn it.

This practice is known as the Backward Step. Most of us can walk, but it has lost or never found it’s true potential. We go back to what we can do and learn to do it better. Practice is maintaining what we have and attempting to restore what we lost. This then advances into athletics, where we pit ourselves against others Skills and train to best them. There is only a small window where we can be at the top of our game.

I teach via Zoom. I offer short and long term courses. Message me for details. In my opinion, everyone should study and implement, the five bows and nine gates to unify their Jing, Qi, Shen. We need to understand methodology (the alchemy of change).