Stress 2

Stress – Spirit leads the Qi. Do not use Force.

When Qi is forced to move the body, like moving water, it has no direction, but spreads out and goes deviant. Using our Spirit we can create a path of least resistance in a chosen direction and lead Qi.

The saying is, “Spirit leads the energy. Energy leads the body. The body leads the Force.” How we use our Spirit, Qi can be hard or soft, slow or fast, shallow or deep, etc.

When we watch a very well trained skillful practitioner this should inspire us. We should be realistic about all the time and effort that goes into such an attainment. Creating undue stress emotionally is a very common problem with most practitioners. Easily frustrated with failure, impatient, low self esteem, needing immediate gratification, etc. Proper practice should address this and correct these unbalances.
Practice has to be what we are aspiring to attain; stability, consistency, relaxation in action, coordination, fluidity, agility, calm and clear mind, etc. We cannot practice one way and expect to obtain another. Practice should change us for the better.

Every practice is an opportunity to induce Skills into our body with our Spirit. The Body can influence the Spirit and the Spirit can influence the Body. Listen to the body. The Spirit and Body cannot function in opposition. They are Yinyang. Interconnected and interdependent. Tai Chi is theory applied as principle to practice. We must study Tai Chi to apply it to our practice. What is Tai Chi?

Image – Daoyin is an ancient form of Nei Gong (Internal Skill) that predates Qigong. It is often called Chinese Yoga.