Movement In Mind for Chronic Pain

We are looking forward to the start our Movement In Mind sessions for our friends at Thrive Cheshire, the chronic pain support group.

The sessions will run weekly from 16th April and we will support them with audio and video recordings which participants can access in their own time. Although the content of each session will vary, we will be using a combination of movement practices from Tai Chi and Qi Gong combined with guided visualisations and explorations..

The calm, flowing body movements of Tai Chi and Qi Gong are gentle on the body whilst providing the exercise it needs. Focusing on the breathing and how the body is moving, can also be helpful for those who struggle to quiet their mind when sitting or lying down, as they help to maintain a state of relaxed alertness which can sometimes be more appropriate than practices which induce sleepiness. For many people with chronic pain, exercise can be worrying or they may avoid it. Our mindful movement practices which focus on moving effectively, rather than adding effort or using force to stretch, can help to maintain a state of calm, making for a more pleasant movement experience.