A new addition to our online programme…

With the winter months approaching and Covid still very much with us, we’re adding a short, daily session to brighten up the darker afternoons.

We started this approach with Qi Gong and it works well because folk can dip in and out according to their needs and commitments, so we have been inspired to add a seated session.  Something Seated aims to get people breathing deeply and moving their bodies but we’ll take a different approach each day, so sessions could be based on Qi Gong or Tai Chi,  Bollywood or Ballroom Dance, Mindful Movement, or maybe Otago and FaME exercises and they will end with a guided relaxation.

Starts 9th November
Every weekday, 3.15 to 3.45
Booking is essential – existing subscribers use the Smoothbook system
or call 07760428554 to register