Tai Chi & Qi Gong for better health

The human body was designed to move and be active, otherwise a host of health problems may arise. When muscles are inactive, they quickly deteriorate and joints become stiff, which can result in pain and reduced function. Keeping physically active through healthy movement will help to keep muscles toned, maintain range of motion within joints and release tension within the body.

Relaxed movement and physical activity are vital to maintaining a level of ability to do the everyday things that are important. Research shows that movement and exercise can be very helpful to reduce pain and improve function and can have beneficial effects for physical and mental health.

Our Tai Chi & Qi Gong sessions are based on a self-paced method of exercise which is gentle on the body. Breath, movement and awareness are aligned for a calm, mindful state. Slow, flowing movements and mindful stepping help to improve strength, balance and flexibility. Many studies associate the practices with improvements in cardiovascular fitness and immunity as well mental wellbeing.