Understanding using Qi to move the body.

Lower your eye lids and direct your mental attention inside your body. Move very slowly, intentionally, and subtly in small cyclical ranges. Up and down, using your legs while moving your arms forward and back, left and right. Feel the movement intimately. Every increment of the journey the body is changing internally. Take it all in. Can you distinguish substantial and insubstantial fluctuations in your stability and ease of movement? Can you feel exactly where this inconsistency, somewhere along the whole cyclical journey of your movement, is taking place? Do you find yourself exerting a greater and lesser amount of muscular contractions at various times during the movement to keep moving steady? Do you speed up or slow down unintentionally? Of course, we have to use the muscles to move, but often we are forced to use too much because we cannot relax deep enough inside. We might become too limp or stiff. Using Qi is like water flowing along the path of least resistance. Our Shen leads the Qi. Then in turn Qi leads the Jing. Due to the fact we are not working externally, like lifting up a heavy box or putting it down, apart from the minimalist amount of energy, we should feel very little internal restriction in our body when we possess refined whole body movement. Jing lead Li. Practice is a means to make movement easier. We don’t waste our Qi. We create the path of least resistance and flow effortlessly. The first object is to minimize or eliminate habitual movement that is not effective and efficient. We are erroneously blocking our own natural energy and causing it to stagnant by creating internal impingements and restrictions. We all too often are more concerned about reaching the destination than how we get there. Internal Qigong is a study using the mind to direct the body in practice. We need to gain knowledge. We cannot simply do it mindlessly lacking Yi and expect things to improve automatically by doing more and more exercise. Internal Qigong is very different than external Qigong that applies force using the muscles. It makes sense that first we should be able to move without weight applied to the body before we do exercises that increase resistance from the outside.

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