Life Force Energy

Investigating Life Force Energy Qigong is one of the healing modality of TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Although it is not necessary to obtain a PhD, study of energy medicine will provide insight into it’s function and heighten the affects upon the body and mind during practice. The Spirit leads the Qi. Knowledge is a form of energy. When we begin study, we are completely ignorant of the topic. We have to begin with “faith and belief” and use study and practice to prove to ourselves the correctness of our chosen direction. Faith and belief slowly gets replaced with Wisdom – dogmatic academic knowledge acquired through study that is also verified through a pragmatic personal practice. Practice is a time to explore and question, not merely follow and accept. Initially we must have faith and belief in:The subject we are studying and practicing.The teacher’s knowledge and skill that we desire to embody ourselves.In our self to achieve our ambitions. Image – There are 12 meridians in the body where Qi flows like water in a river or electricity in a circuit. From this illustration, it is easy to understand how moving the spine, two arms, and two legs affects the energy of the body and mind. Qigong addresses each of the bodies systems vital to overall health. If we don’t possess faith and belief in our methods, how can they be applied with a positive spirit and motivated effort? We have to want to change

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