Parkinson’s Group

After a short break at the end of July, in August we will be taking new starters in our Parkinson’s Group.

We have seen many changes since the first lockdown, and are now are happy to be moving forward again. The group will continue online in the ‘new normal’ – it looks and feels quite different to the face to face sessions we moved onto Zoom at the beginning of lockdown. A lot of things have changed during that time – for the world in general and for us as a practice. We no longer have a studio space suitable for group sessions but we have continued to adapt as circumstances and legislation have changed and the format which has evolved works well for online delivery. We know Zoom is not for everyone, but for many it does have some good points. The learning curve was steep for a while, but over time we have adjusted and now it feels familiar and normal to us. Many clients like the convenience of online sessions, especially as we have a daily choice and they can mix and match to suit their schedule, and quite a lot still feel safer at home. Several have told us they feel less inhibited being in their own space and they prefer the sense of freedom this gives them. Also, through online sessions we can reach far wider than if we were limited to a geographical location.