Embodied awareness and mindful movement

We will shortly be adding a new session into the programme. This one is called Deeply Moving and it’s a very different kind of movement experience. A perfect opportunity for embodied self reflection which can lead to more freedom in the body, bring focus to the mind and a sense of peace to the spirit.

This is not a class or a fitness workout, it offers an opportunity to develop embodied awareness in a safe and supported way. The movement aspects are not taught, and they don’t require any experience or skill, they are guided by a Movement Psychotherapist and participants are encouraged to explore their own movement through awareness and improvisation.

Based on the principle that body, mind, and emotions are interconnected, the sessions draw on a range of therapeutic movement practices, often using imagery or visualisation to prompt movement or bring focus.  There is no right or wrong way to move, the intention is not to perform or create, but to experience the connection between mind and body.

Every session is different, but generally involves movement, self reflection, body awareness and mindful relaxation.  No one is expected to do anything they don’t want to- everything comes from the participant themselves. You may remain seated for all or part of the session and stillness is always an option.

The sessions are included in the online wellness programme, which is £30 per month, or £10 per session drop in.