About Us

Movement In Mind brings together years of experience in embodied practice to offer therapeutic methods from integrative and traditional perspectives for mental and physical wellbeing.

We take inspiration for our wellness programme from the intrinsic connection between mind and body. For us, it’s all about embodiment, and our approach to wellbeing is based on the principle that the mind affects the body and vice versa. In other words, your mindset affects how you move and relate to others, and, conversely, a change in your movement pattern can shift how you feel and bring fresh perspective or a change in your outlook.

Through mindful movement and body awareness, we aim to create therapeutic change in the lives of our participants by engaging them in practices which can simultaneously strengthen the body and improve it’s functionality, whilst calming the mind and lifting the spirits.

Folk come to our sessions for different reasons – we don’t place expectations on our participants, we do offer learning and progression for those that are interested, but if weary souls want to simply come and follow along in the moment that’s fine too.  

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